Why FitExec?

Before we dive into what makes our program special, it’s important that you understand the deepest reason we exist in the first place. FitExec was born out of an authentic responsibility to share and implement the latest discoveries and techniques of multidisciplinary human sciences in the last 10 years that revolutionize human well-being. We seek to offer 21st Century solutions to the 21st Century problems encountered by the millions who are using outdated methodologies and feeling frustrated. So, what are those problems?

The reality is our genes and physiology are profoundly mismatched from our modern lifestyle and diet. Without a proactive and integrative approach, these profound mismatches are leading to pandemic rates of chronic disease plaguing our minds and bodies. As of 2017, it has directly contributed to the following statistics:

1 in 2 Americans having a chronic disease, while 1 in 4 have several - 
30% of American children have a chronic disease - 
7 out of 10 deaths in the U.S. are related to chronic disease - 
86% of U.S. healthcare dollars are spent managing chronic disease - 
80% of Americans are overweight or obese - 
40% of Americans are on prescription anti-anxiety or anti-depression medication - 
Today’s children are the first generation expected to live shorter lives than their parents - 

So, why does it all matter? This is your staff, this is your talent pool, your partners, your community, this is your friends and families, this is you. Given that 85% of chronic disease can be linked to lifestyle, this problem is within our locus of control. The first job of a leader is to identify reality. Acceptance of that reality is a precondition to change. 

To us, health and wellness isn’t a fad industry, quick-fix product, or a way to sell magazines – it’s non-negotiable daily habits that first allow an individual to prevent disease, and then to rise above statistical mediocrity and lead a fulfilling, happy life. 

You are your best investment.

The way you do anything is the way you do everything. When you invest in optimizing yourself, you join the growing movement of leaders who understand that if you want others to follow you, you have to become someone worth following.

Begin your journey today!
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