Our Method

Our next-gen approach to Executive Wellness Coaching is designed to renew your strength, optimize body and mind, and inspire lasting change, rather than a quick fix. The programs we provide address the full human, because we understand that the results you see in your life come from a complex web of factors, and many of them may surprise you.

The graphic below outlines the most meaningful elements that contribute to Deep Health. We don’t ‘dip our toe’ in transformation. This is not meant to overwhelm you, but rather to show you that FitExec is not a rep counting service, nor like any personal training program in existence. We are the first fitness coaching company to use a complex systems design approach – the same approach creating life-changing technology advances in other industries – and apply it to radically accelerate health, fitness, and optimum wellness.
Credit should be given to philosophers Jurgen Habermas and Ken Wilbur, and the Neurohacker Collective.
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About Tom

Tom Taylor founded FitExec to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and linchpin employees like you achieve deep physical and mental health, light their energy, purpose and passion on fire, and create humanity+ businesses.

A challenger of conventional fitness wisdom, Tom brings his ongoing education and more than a decade of ground-level experience with hundreds of clients to provide new ways of thinking about the role of health in our modern world.

Armed with a fascination with the human body and an insatiable curiosity about the human mind, Tom has developed his method by combining the latest discoveries in neuroscience, the microbiome, nutrition and energy metabolism, mindset and psychology, cognitive behavioral coaching, and technology along with a mastery of functional anatomy, biomechanics, and corrective exercise.

He couples continuous learning in these complementary fields with a degree in Exercise Science and certifications such as personal trainer, dynamic variable neuromuscular stimulus master trainer, sport and exercise nutrition coach, and behavior change specialist. 

Simply put, Tom guides people on an often counterintuitive path to eliminate pain, surpass goals, reignite their passion for life, and show up as their best selves in all areas of life. 

Cutting through the misinformation and sensationalism of the fitness industry, his ultimate vision is to expand his tribe of like-minded high performers to bring a reframe to healthy living as a path to self-mastery, global contribution, and happiness.

Tom’s wife and two young children (and two huge dogs) keep him inspired.

Begin your journey today!