Your Journey

You are the only common denominator in your life. That makes you both the problem and the solution to each challenge you face on your climb to success. You already have what it takes to succeed inside of you, and our two-step fitness journey helps you uncover it. 

The type of people who come to FitExec are those who have already found success in life because with the right vehicle, they’re willing to drive. We will serve as the GPS, but this level of transformation, this level of living, is only available to those willing to take on radical responsibility and do the work.

Change is hard, but only at first. You’re worth it.

Complimentary Discovery Sessions
Before we begin your journey to achieving Deep Health, we have to map a course. During our complimentary Discovery sessions, we’ll get to know each other, establish reachable goals, pinpoint potential challenges, and begin building customized solutions.

Session 1

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Learn your history in terms of overall wellness
  • Discuss the FitExec Method 
  • Explore the optimal way to mold your path

Session 2

  • Posture, breathing and movement analysis
  • Analysis of any chronic pain patterns and design of personalized pain free protocol
  • Baseline STYKU 3D body composition analysis (this is also where we take the “before” picture)
  • Baseline muscular endurance and strength assessment
  • Baseline cardiovascular assessment
  • Core and balance assessment
  • Kick-start your journey!

Step 1: 90 Day Accelerator Phase

Every architect draws blueprints, every entrepreneur has a business strategy, and every coach has a game plan. This is ours. Every member of the FitExec community goes through this introductory phase, allowing our executive wellness coaches to lay a solid foundation for success through:

  • Neuroscience-based habit building
  • Metabolism boosting functional strength and fitness training
  • Custom corrective exercise programs
  • Nutrition plans tailored to you and your life
  • Occupational posture assessment
  • Optimized recovery and sleep strategies to keep you elevated
  • Stress and productivity mastery training
  • Personal environment clean-up
  • Support system audit

Step 2: Month-to-Month Membership

Once you crush your 90 day goal, it means you’ve established a solid foundation to attack next level goals. Personal Transformation and lasting success are never ending pursuits, and are achieved by determined focus on mastery of skills and the right daily habits. We continuously adapt your long term plan to what serves your goals at each phase. Regardless of how your personalized program evolves, your membership always includes:

Membership Benefits

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Weekly Training Sessions
We help you break old patterns and build healthy habits with weekly in-person training sessions and/or virtual weekly coaching calls.

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FitExec Flex App
Your very own wellness hub to provide a bridge for growth between training sessions. Available for desktop and mobile.

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Nutritional Coaching
We help you build a lifestyle that enhances efforts in the gym. We have options such as an internationally recognized nutritional mastery course, discounted meal delivery, or even personal chef partnerships.

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Access to TrainerSpace in Boca Raton, FL
With your supplemental workouts designed in FitExec Flex, or simply to get in some cardio or stretching on your own, members enjoy an exquisitely outfitted facility.

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FitExec Wellness Alliance
We provide a hand-curated list of masters in all wellness disciplines, qualified to serve as the “Board of Directors” for your health.

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FitExec B2B Collective
Iron sharpens iron, and at FitExec, we’re all about elevating each other to new heights. Join the B2B Collective to surround yourself with other like-minded leaders to network, make deals, invest, or simply find a new workout partner.