4 Things you can do today to start the ball rolling towards better health

by FitExec
4 Things you can do today to start the ball rolling towards better health

1. Forget Calories – for now

Focus on what seems like it would make your body happy, forget about formulas or taking things away. Just spend some time trying to up your percentage of nutritious foods.

If you really think about it, I bet you intuitively know that the weight watchers snack bar isn’t as clean of a nutritional choice as some avocado and berries, so don’t overcomplicate.

2. The Clean Slate Policy

Athletes know that once you lose the mental game, you’re done. Practice having a bad short-term memory when it comes to messing up that meal or missing your workout. Forget it FAST, and get right back on the horse with the next smallest win possible.

“Let’s wipe the slate clean and move on. What’s past is behind you. And the future looks awesome.” – Dr. John Berardi

3. Self-Talk

I know it may feel lame, but just do it as an experiment and see how it goes after a few weeks: Pick a positive sentence to tell yourself each morning that addresses something you are insecure about, criticize yourself about, etc. Write the phrase you WISH you thought about yourself, and butter yourself up after brushing your teeth.

4. Put Down The Phone!

Practice a 20-minute phone detox at a time you normally would reach for it – ESPECIALLY if it’s bedtime.

The average person checks their phone 150 times a day – which is roughly every four to six minutes! 

Each ‘check’ is an experience, and experiences change the brain. You are training your brain to be ADD, and knowing that FOCUS is one of the cornerstone qualities of success in any pursuit, it would be wise to put strong boundaries around technology usage such as mobile phones.